Fertility Treatments

There is a range of fertility treatments that can be used to treat and correct each different fertility problem. Infertility can be caused by a number of complex and personal factors, so the treatment plan we come up with will be tailored to your unique situation.

The impact of age on fertility treatment

If you are a woman aged 36 or over and have been trying to conceive for six months or longer, it’s a good idea to seek specialist advice and fertility treatment. As you age, it becomes increasingly difficult to fall pregnant, so seeking treatment should become a priority.

If you are aged under 36, but have been trying to fall pregnant for more than a year, you will also increase your chances of having a baby by seeing a fertility specialist.

If you have been trying for a shorter period of time but are worried about your ability to conceive, I am happy to help you. Sometimes simple advice and reassurance is all that is needed, and sometimes we can detect a problem early on and correct it more quickly.

Assisted reproductive technology options

Keep in mind that if you are having trouble conceiving and are concerned about your fertility, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need IVF.

Your problem could be solved with cycle tracking or a simple procedure like ovulation induction, or with fertility surgery for endometriosis or fibroids. Whether you need one of these treatments or we decide to undergo IVF, I am committed to making your fertility treatment process as simple as possible, making sure you’re comfortable, reassured and well informed through every step.

Support at every step of the journey

Over the course of your investigation and treatment, I will provide information about all of your treatment options, and discuss them with you. In the meantime, keep optimistic and look after yourself physically and mentally. Don’t let your fertility problems become your whole life. There is a huge range of treatment options out there, including many less invasive assisted reproductive technology options, and there is always hope.