Donor Egg & Sperm

Our end goal is the same: helping you have a healthy baby.

Egg donation

If you are unable to conceive using your own eggs, I can help you through the Melbourne IVF egg donation program. If you are seeking donor eggs, you will need to find your own egg donor – this could be someone known to you (like a sister or a friend).

Can egg donation help me?

I might suggest you consider egg donation to create your family if:

  • You have gone through premature menopause,
  • There is a risk of passing on a genetic disease if you use your own eggs,
  • Your ovaries have been affected by chemotherapy or serious illness, or
  • Repeated cycles of IVF have been unsuccessful.

Sperm donation

If we decide sperm donation is the best option for creating your family, I will help and guide you through the process. You have the option of using sperm from a donor recruited by Melbourne IVF, or your own donor.

Who can use donated sperm?

You might need treatment with donor sperm if:

  • You are in a female same-sex relationship,
  • You are a single woman,
  • There is a severe male infertility issue (usually total absence of sperm production), or
  • There is a risk of passing on a genetic disease if you use your own sperm.

Treatment options using donor sperm

Depending on your circumstances, I will recommend treatment with donor sperm by intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

Counselling appointments

Using donor sperm, particularly from a known donor, can sometimes pose tricky social and legal issues. If you decide to go through with sperm donation to create your family, you will need to take part in two counselling sessions with a Melbourne IVF counsellor.

Find out more about the Donor Program at Melbourne IVF.